PRO ERT-1602 Earth Resistance and Soil Resistivity Tester

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Precision 4-wire, 3-wire and simple 2-wire measurement for Earth Resistance, Soil Resistivity, Earth Voltage and AC Voltage. Complete kit in hard carrying case.



The Pro ERT-1602 features precision 4-wire, 3-wire and simple 2-wire measurement methods to measure Earth Resistance, Soil Resistivity, Earth Voltage and AC Voltage. Unlike other Earth Testers, you do not need to calculate Soil Resistivity as this instrument gives you the measurement directly.

This Earth Resistance Soil Resistivity Tester comprises of host machine, monitoring software, test wires, auxiliary ground rod and communication cable.

It can store up to 300 sets of data simultaneously, through the monitoring software to document and analyse historical data.

It also offers online real-time monitoring functions, dynamic display, alarm indication with historical data reading, accessing, saving, reporting, printing and other functions.

Additional information







Data Hold

Auto Power Off

Overload Indication

Overload Indication

PC Interface

Interference Test

Interference Test


Audio Alarm, Visual Alarm

Data Logging



Short-circuit Current

20mA AC

Open-circuit Test Voltage

40V AC

Auxiliary Earth Test

Auxiliary Earth Test

Line Voltage

600V AC

Low Battery Indication

Power Source

Battery Operated

Battery Type


No of Batteries


Earth Resistance Range

0Ω to 30kΩ

Earth Voltage Range

0V to 600V AC




Soil Resistivity

0Ωm to 9000KΩm

Method of Measurement

2-Wire Method, 3-Wire Method, 4-Wire Method


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  • Import FFT (fast Fourier transform) technology, AFC (automatic frequency control) technology, with unique anti-interference ability and environmental adaptability ensure high repeated test consistency.
  • The large LCD display, white backlight and bar graph make the readings clear at a glance.
  • Features USB interface with data upload function; storage data can be uploaded to the computer and can be saved and printed.
  • Audio-visual Alarm and Overload Protection.
  • Earth Resistance: Rated current change-pole method, measurement current 20mA Max
  • Soil Resistivity: Wenner 4-pole measurement; Voltage to Earth: Average rectifier
  • Earth Voltage: Average rectification (between P(S)-ES)
  • Test Frequency: 128Hz / 111Hz / 105Hz / 94Hz (AFC)
  • Short-circuit Test
  • Open-circuit Test Voltage
  • Interference Test
  • Auxiliary Earth Test
  • Line Voltage
  • Data Hold
  • Overflow Indication
  • USB Interface
  • Alarm function
  • Auto Power-off
  • Overload Protection
  • Measurement Ranges:

Earth Resistance(R)

Range: 0.00Ω~30.00Ω

Resolution: 0.01Ω

Accuracy: ±2%rdg±3dgt

Range: 30.0Ω~300.0Ω

Resolution: 0.1Ω

Accuracy :±2%rdg±3dgt

Range: 300Ω~3000Ω

Resolution: 1Ω

Accuracy: ±2%rdg±3dgt

Range: 3.00kΩ~30.00kΩ

Resolution: 10Ω

Accuracy: ±4%rdg±3dgt

Earth Voltage

Range: 0.0~600V AC

Resolution: 0.1V

Accuracy: ±2%rdg±3dgt

Soil Resistivity (ρ)

(ρ=2πaR, a:1 m-100m, π=3.14)

Range: 0.00Ωm~99.99Ωm

Resolution: 0.01Ωm

According to the precision of R

Range: 100.0Ωm~999.9Ωm

Resolution: 0.1Ωm

Range: 1000Ωm~9999Ωm

Resolution: 1Ωm

Range: 10.00kΩm~99.99kΩm

Resolution: 10Ωm

Range: 100.0kΩm~999.9kΩm

Resolution: 100Ωm

Range: 1000kΩm~9000kΩm

Resolution: 1kΩm

  • Safety Standards: IEC61010-1 (CAT III 300V, CAT IV 150V, Pollution 2), IEC61010-031, IEC61557-1 (Earth resistance), IEC61557-5 (Soil resistivity), JJG 366-2004
  • Accessories: Meter, 4 Earth Rods, 4 Standard Test Wires (Red 20m; Yellow: 10m; Green: 10m; Black:20m), 2 Simple Test Wires (Red 1.6m; Black 1.6m), Special USB Communication Cable, Software CD, Hard Carrying Case, User Manual


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