CET-02 Clamp On Ground Resistance Tester

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4 Digits LCD, 65 X 32 mm Clamp Jaw, Data Hold, Open Clamp Jaw Indication, Range 0.01Ω to 1500Ω. Maximum Resolution 0.001 Ohms.



The Metravi CET series Clamp-on Ground Resistance Testers feature:

  • Self-test facility. No need to wait a long time to boot. Ready to use immediately after being switched on.
  • Breakthrough relay self-test mode, using the most advanced processing algorithms and digital integration technology, fully intelligent.
  • Handheld device, easy to carry. New design, panel operation with 6 buttons, better performance. Loud sound and light alarms; “beep—beep–beep –” alarm sound.
  • Improved interference signal recognition indicator. Improved anti-jamming capability and test stability. Data storage: 99 Units. Wider range: 0.01Ω-1500Ω.
  • Lower power consumption: Maximum operating current does not exceed 50mA. Are widely used for grounding resistance measurement in power, telecommunications, meteorology, oil fields, construction industries and electrical equipments.
  • In the measurement of a grounding system with loop current, it does not require breaking down the grounding wire and needs no auxiliary electrode.
  • Safe, fast and simple to use.
  • Can measure ground faults beyond the reach of traditional methods and can be applied in situations not in the range of traditional methods.
  • Can measure integrated value of the grounding body resistance and the grounding lead resistance.
  • Equipped with long jaws (for some models). Long jaws are particularly suitable for testing grounding with flat steel.

Metravi CET-02 Clamp On Ground Resistance Tester

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Additional information






Data Hold

Auto Power Off

Auto Ranging

Auto Ranging

Low Battery Indication

Power Source

Battery Operated

Battery Type

Alkaline, AA, LR6

Battery Size


No of Batteries


Data Logging

Jaw Dia

Jaw Type

Elliptical Jaw

Span of Jaw


PC Interface

Resistance Range





Audio Alarm, Visual Alarm

Alarm Critical Value

1Ω to 199Ω

Internal Consumption



, , , , , ,

Measurement Range

0.01Ω – 1500Ω

Data Storage

99 Units

Working Temperature


Working Humidity


Storage Temperature Range

Storage Humidity Range


Current Range

0.00mA- 30.0A

Current Resolution


Current Accuracy


  • Display: 4 digit Backlit LCD
  • Resistance Range: 0.01Ω to 1500Ω
  • Resolution: 0.01 Ohms
  • Auto Ranging
  • Storage of Measured Data: 99 Data
  • Setting of Resistance Alarm Critical Value: 1 – 199 Ohms
  • Data Hold, Auto Power Off
  • Instrument safety: IEC/EN61010-1, IEC/EN6010-2-032
  • Double insulation, pollution degree: class II
  • Over-voltage category: CATIII 150V to ground, Max 20A Degrees of protection.
  • IP30, Group III equipment as per EN 60529 Ed 92 IK04, as per EN 50102 Ed 95
  • Span of Jaw : Long elliptical jaw 35mm
  • Battery type: 4 ×1.5V alkaline LR6 AA battery (not included)
  • Low battery indicationInternal consumption: <50mA
  • Auto Power Off: after 5 minutes of being idle
  • Display: 4 digits 9999 counts Backlit LCD with annunciators
  • Memory size: 99 Units of Reading
  • Data upload interface: RS232 (Optional)


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