GD-09-6M Six-in-One Multi Gas Detector with built-in Pump

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Six-in-one Pumping Multi Gas detector for 6 gases: Oxygen (O2), Carbon Di Oxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Nitrogen Di Oxide (NO2) and Explosive Gases (EX). Also features PM2.5/PM10 detection module, 4G module and GPS.




The Metravi GD-09-6M Pumping Multi Gas Detector is intelligently designed with advanced, integrated circuit technology, standard intelligent technical level design and proprietary digital-analogue hybrid communication technology.

It detects 6 gases: Oxygen (O2), Carbon Di Oxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Nitrogen Di Oxide (NO2) and Explosive Gases (EX).
It integrates electro-chemistry, catalysis and various detection principles such as semiconductors, thermal conductivity and optics to provide users with a reliable, accurate and safe gas detection solution.
The GD-09-6M also features PM2.5/PM10 detection module, 4G module and GPS.

The detector adopts a built-in pump-suction sampling method and the sensitive element adopts a high-quality gas sensor. It has good sensitivity and excellent repeatability, is easy lo use and helps to maintain the safety needs of industrial sites.

For high-reliability, the shell is made of high-strength engineering plastics and composite, non-slip rubber, which has high strength, solid hand feeling, and is waterproof. dust-proof and explosion-proof.

It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, smelting, refineries, manufacturing biochemical medicines, agriculture, scientific research, universities and other industries and fields.


*Note : The Metravi GD-09-6M can be customised for selected 6 gases from a given list (ref. catalogue) – the cost for the same will depend on the combination and features selected. The standard pre-designed device comes with CO, O2, CO2, NO2, H2S and EX detection.

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Detecting Gases

CO, CO2, Combustible Gas, H2S, NO2, O2

Response Time


Dust & Water Proof


Supports multi-point calibration method (5 points), Uses mixed gas calibration method


Audio Alarm, Pump failure alarm, Support for fail alarm, TWA and STE Alarm, Vibration and Display Alarm, Visual Alarm

Explosion-proof Grade

Exiib IIC T4Gb

Power Source

Battery Operated

Battery Type

Li-Ion Rechargeable

Pumping Type

6-speed adjustable pump flow, Range 300-800mL/min, Suction type pump

PC Interface


Memory and Storage

Extended external TF memory card, External storage in csv file format data


4G data transmission, GPS positioning function

Cloud Support

Supports cloud platform data viewing

Temperature Range

Humidity Range

0%RH to 100%RH

Particles Detection

measuring range 0-1000μg/m3, PM 10, PM 2.5

Sensor Life

2 yrs

Standby Time


EX Measuring Range

0 to 100%LEL

H2S Measuring Range

0 to 100ppm

CO Measuring Range

0 to 1000ppm

O2 Measuring Range

0 to 30%vol

CO2 Measuring Range

0 to 5%vol

NO2 Measuring Range

0 to 20ppm

EX Measuring Resolution


H2S Measuring Resolution


CO Measuring Resolution


O2 Measuring Resolution


CO2 Measuring Resolution


NO2 Measuring Resolution


  • Detects O2 (Oxygen), CO (Carbon Monoxide), CO2 (Carbon di Oxide), H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide), NO2 (Nitrogen di Oxide) and EX (explosive/combustible) gases.
  • Latest GUI design, comprehensive interface and display, user-friendly operation.
  • The integrated built-in pump can detect up to six types of gas at the same time.
  • Imported miniature, vacuum suction pump enables stable flow, long life and low noise.
  • 3.5-inch high-definition colour screen with a wide viewing angle of 120°.
  • Response Time: T90<30S
  • IP65 protection: the device is waterproof and dust proof.
  • Explosion Proof: Exiib IIC T4Gb certification.
  • Adjustable flow rate (6 levels).
  • Calibration: Uses mixed gas calibration method. Supports multi-point calibration method (5 points).
  • Alarms: Four Alarm modes – sound, light, vibration and display. Supports TWA and STE alarm functions.
  • Fail alarm; the sampling pump will automatically sound alarm and display prompt if it fails.
  • Gas units switching function.
  • Temperature & Humidity: Real-time detection.
  • PM 2.5/PM 10 detection module.
  • Data Storage: Alarm storage, Timing storage, Manual storage. Supports external TF memory card storage mode and can read the stored data on a PC using the USB cable. External storage in csv file format data is available for viewing at a glance.
  • Bluetooth: facilitates data view and setting of parameters through the mobile App
  • Printing of Data: Supports external Bluetooth printer and real-time printing of test data (optional).
  • GPS: GPS positioning function and 4G data transmission (optional).
  • Cloud Support: Supports cloud platform data viewing* function (optional).
  • Charging: USB type-C interface for charging.
  • Connectivity: USB connectivity to PC or Smartphone (using App).
  • Battery: Large capacity (4000mAh) rechargeable Li-Ion battery.
  • Measurement Specifications:
EX (0~100)%LEL 20%LEL 50%LEL 1%LEL
H2S (0~100) ppm 10ppm 35ppm 1ppm
CO (0~1000) ppm 50ppm 150ppm 1ppm
O2 (0~30)%vol 19.5%vol 23.5%vol 0.1%vol
CO2 (0~5)%vol 1.00%vol 2.00%vol 0.01%vol
NO2 (0~20) ppm 5.0ppm 10.0ppm 0.1ppm



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