908 Portable Vibration Meter

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Measures velocity, acceleration and displacement along with the temperature, comes complete with the magnetic Base



The Metravi 908 Vibration Meter measures Velocity, Acceleration and Displacement along with the temperature, comes complete with the magnetic base.

This device adopts piezoelectric effect of artificial polarised ceramic for design. It is suitable for monitoring of all kinds of vibrating mechanical facility, specially the vibration measurement of rotating and reciprocating machinery.

It is widely used in mechanical equipment manufacturing, motor installation and testing, electric power, metallurgy and general aviation field. Since this instrument can measure temperature up to 80°C, it becomes an ideal tool for mechanical engineers working on motor, generator or any fixed mounted rotating device.

Metravi 908 Portable Vibration Meter Working & Usage

Metravi 908 Vibration Meter Unboxing

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Additional information





Data Hold


Auto Power Off

Vibration Acceleration Range

0.1 to 199.9m/s2 peak


0.1 to 199.9mm/s rms


0.001 to 1.999mm p-p



Frequency Range of Acceleration

10Hz ~ 1kHz

Frequency Range of Velocity

10Hz ~ 1kHz (Lo)

Temperature Range

Temperature Accuracy

Display Update Cycle

1 Sec

Sensor Type

Vibration Sensor

Probe Type

Magnetic Probe

Power Source

Battery Operated

Battery Size


No of Batteries


Battery Type


Stand-by Current


Operating Current


Vibration Transducer

Piezo Electric type Accelerometer

Operating Temperature Range

Operating Humidity Range

30 ~ 90% RH

Low Battery Indication

  • LCD displays measurement result and conditions directly
  • Acceleration : 0.1~199.9m/s2 peak
  • Velocity : 0.1~199.9mm/s RMS
  • Displacement : 0.001~1.999mm p-p
  • Accuracy: ±5% ±2digits
  • Velocity and Displacement range is limited by acceleration 199.9m/s2
  • Temperature : -10°C to 80°C
  • Accuracy: ±2°C
  • Selective vibration characteristic
  • Uses hi- sensitive vibration sensor for accurate measurements
  • Equipped with two probes (SHORT and LONG) to adapt to the different measurement requirements
  • Magnetic probe is provided, to be used for holding the sensor in uneasy conditions
  • Low battery indication
  • Auto Power Off
  • Display : 3-1/2 Digits Backlit LCD
  • Maximum value Hold function
  • Measures Temperature in °C/°F
  • Packed in Hard Carrying Case


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