BCA-111 Bearing Condition Analyser and Vibration Meter

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Bearing Condition Analyser for bearing testing & measuring vibration & non-contact RPM – combines functions of bearing pulse meter, vibration meter & tachometer.

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The Metravi Bearing Pulse Analyser BCA-111 combines the functions of a bearing pulse meter, a vibration meter, and a tachometer. It is used to check the operating condition of rotating machines, in order to detect mechanical faults and supply data for effective preventive maintenance.

With the BCA-111 maintenance personnel can monitor all significant aspects of mechanical machine conditions.

  • the mechanical condition of rolling bearings  (bearing damage development).
  • the lubrication condition of rolling bearing (lubricant film in the rolling interface).
  • general machine condition (the effect of structural looseness, misalignment and out-of-balance on machine vibration).

The purpose of systematic condition monitoring is:

  • to avoid unnecessary overhauls of machines in good working order.
  • to avoid routine replacements of serviceable bearings.
  • to improve the life expectancy of rolling bearings by optimising the lubrication.
  • To detect trouble spots in time for planned repairs and replacements, avoiding both breakdowns and unnecessary production stops.

The condition monitoring functions of the Metravi BCA-111 is based on two widely used measuring techniques.

  • Bearing Pulse Method for bearing monitoring.
  • Broad band vibration velocity measurement according to ISO 2372.

The instrument requires few data inputs and allows an instant interpretation of machine condition by supplying.

  • a direct indication of machine vibration and bearing condition in terms of good – reduced – bad.
  • a digital display of lubrication condition data LFT No. and damage severity readings for bearings.
  • Vibration severity readings in mm/s RMS
  • Non-contact measurement of RPM

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Auto Power Off

Power Source

Battery Operated

Measuring Range

Bearing Tester Function Range: 0 to 99dBpv, Laser Tachometer Range: 10 to 20000 RPM, Vibration Range: 0.1 to 99.9 mm/s RMS


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Measurement Distance

Battery Size


  • Micro-processor based diagnostic tool
  • Direct Indication of machine condition in terms of good-reduced-bad
  • Mechanical Condition of Bearing
  • Lubrication condition of Bearing
  • Damage Severity readings for rolling bearings.
  • Non-Contact measurements of rotational speed
  • Vibration Severity measurements according to ISO recommendations.
  • Bearing Tester Function Range 0 to 99dBpv
  • Vibration Range 0.1 to 99.9 mm/s RMS
  • Laser Tachometer range up to 20000 RPM
  • Bearing Probe, head phone, Accelerometer, tachometer probe, manual, battery and carrying case


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