PVB-820 Pen Type Vibration Meter

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Pen Type Vibration Meter, it can measure acceleration, velocity and displacement

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Handy and compact, pen-type Vibration Meter, to measure Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement.

Comes in a hard carrying case as well as a padded canvas holder for safety when carrying the instrument around.

Precise and accurate measurements – very useful for consultants and maintenance professionals on the move and in the field.

Metravi PVB 820 Pen type Vibration Meter Battery Installation & Basic Usage Video

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  • Pen type Pocket Size instrument
  • LCD Display
  • It can measure acceleration, velocity and displacement.
  • Compact Size. It is light and easy to carry.
  • Simple Two Key Operation
  • Auto Power Off facility
  • Acceleration: 0.01-199.9m/s2(peak value)
  • Velocity: 0.01-199.9mm/s (effective value)
  • Displacement: 0.001-1.999mm (peak-peak value)
  • Acceleration Frequency Response: 10 Hz-1 kHz.
  • Velocity Frequency Response: 10Hz-1kHz.
  • Displacement Frequency Response: 10 Hz-500Hz


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