PRO 7275A 20A Digital Microohms Meter

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20A MicroOhms Meter with Touchscreen, Rechargeable Battery, IP65 protection, USB Interface, Bluetooth, Alarm function and built-in monitoring software.

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The Metravi Pro 7275A 20A MicroOhms Meter is used for measuring Transformer Winding Resistance; Grounding Continuity Resistance; Cable & Conductor Resistance; Contact Resistance of Switches, Connectors and Relays; Metal Riveting Resistance; Winding Resistance of Coils, Motor and a T; Connection Resistance between Metal Components; Welding Point Resistance; Battery Parallel Connection Resistance; Wire Length Measurement and Calculations, etc. 


  • The tester is controlled by a high-speed, single-chip microcomputer, with fast response speed, stable measurement and easy operation.
  • With two measurement modes. Automatic Mode: the test current can be automatically selected according to the load. Manual Mode: 7 gears test currents can be chosen: 20A, 10A, 1A, 100mA, 10mA, 2mA and 1mA.
  • Also equipped with a 480×854 true colour LCD touchscreen, which is clearly visible even under bright light and can be operated by using both touchscreen or panel buttons.
  • A large capacity, rechargeable, lithium battery and a waterproof case make the devices suitable for outdoor use.
  • With Bluetooth communication function, it can run test operations or enable viewing test result on a mobile phone using the free Smartphone App.
  • Additionally, the tester features USB interface and built-in monitoring software, which can communicate with the computer. 
  • The protection function is perfect and reliably protects the impact on the back EMF on the instrument, making the performance more reliable.
  • With the discharging function, automatically discharge after tests and avoid any mis-operation.
  • Converting resistance function compensates for the resistance change due to the heat generated and compensates for the temperature of the test product.
  • Alarm function: the resistance alarm value can be set.
  • Automatic shutdown: the tester automatically shuts down after 15 minutes of non-operation.

Additional information







Method of Measurement

2-Wire Method, 4-Wire Method

Measurement Mode

Automatic mode, Manual mode

Data Hold

Auto Power Off

Low Battery Indication

Test Current

20A, 10A, 1A, 100mA, 10mA, 2mA, 1mA, Automatic

Sampling Rate

1 per second

Memory and Storage

600 groups

Alarm Critical Value

1mΩ to 2500Ω


Alarm is issued if measured value exceeds alarm set value

Resistance Range

Resistance Resolution

0.1uΩ to 0.01kΩ

Resistance Accuracy


Dust & Water Proof

Automatic Charge Discharge

Automatically discharge after tests

Power Source

Battery Operated

Battery Type

Li-Ion Rechargeable




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  • Measurement Method: Precision 4-wire method, 2 channel AID detecting simultaneously
  • Measurement Modes: Automatic Mode and Manual Mode
  • Measurement Range: 10.0uΩ ~ 50.00kΩ
  • Test Current: 20A, 10A, 1A, 100mA, 10mA, 2mA, 1mA, Automatic.
  • Temperature Measurement: Range: -55°C ~ 125°C; Accuracy: ±0.5°C
  • Measurement Time: AD sampling rate 1 per second
  • Data Storage: 600 groups (data not lost after power failure or battery replacement)
  • Alarm critical value setting range; 1mW ~ 2500W
  • Alarm Indication: Display and Light
  • Test Indication
  • Charging Indication
  • Data Hold
  • Adjustable Backlight
  • Clock function
  • Conversion Resistance Calculation
  • Discharge function
  • Display: Backlit LCD
  • Automatic Shutdown
  • Overflow display
  • Low Voltage Indication
  • Protection: IP65 (with closed case)
  • Interface: USB and Bluetooth
  • Dielectric Strength: AC 3700V/RMS (between the shell and screw)
  • Safety Standards: IEC61010-1, CAT Ill 600V, Pollution Level 2 , JJG724-1991 (Verification Regulation Of D.C. Digital Ohmmeter), JJG166-1993 (Verification Regulation Of D.C. Resistors), DL/967-2005
    (Verification Regulation of Loop Resistance Tester and DC Resistance High-speed Tester)


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