PRO DIT-927 10kV High Voltage Insulation Resistance Tester

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10kV Insulation Resistance Tester featuring Insulation Resistance measurement (IR); Polarisation Index measurement (PI); Absorption Ratio (DAR); Ramp Test mode (RAMP) ; Filtered Resistance test (FR), Voltage measurement (V); Current measurement (nA). With touchscreen display



The PRO DIT-925 and PRO DIT-927 series High Voltage Insulation Resistance Testers are intelligent, high-end insulation resistance testers, well-developed by METRAVI. The instruments come with perfect test functions of various insulation resistance parameters and excellent anti-interference ability.

They can be used in 220kV Sub-station and have no Corona effect.

The instruments adopt true-colour touchscreens and all test data and battery power are displayed at the same time. The combination of knob switch and button makes the operation very simple. The user need not memorise the operation method, just needs to click the “HELP” on the screen and a pop-up displays the operation method, which effectively guides the user to operate the respective instruments.

The instruments have the function of rapid discharge and automatically monitor the live voltage of the measured object. If voltage exceeds 36V, the test is automatically disallowed in order to protect the instrument and operators effectively. The meters automatically store test results which contain date and time.

The touch screen can very convenient to check and analyse the recorded historical data. The fully isolated USB interface uploads the test data to the PC safely.

The instrument is equipped with double insulation and shielding layer test wire and the high voltage rod is equipped with replaceable crocodile clips and hooks, which can be used in various test places. The instruments feature hard double-shell structures, and the meter outer cases have IP65 protection level, which prevents moisture and dust intrusions and collision during transportation and storage, protecting the meters effectively.

Suitable for insulation resistance testing of cable, motor, generator, transformer, mutual inductor, high voltage switch, arrester and other large equipments.

Features Insulation Resistance measurement (IR); Polarisation Index measurement (PI); Absorption Ratio (DAR); Ramp Test mode (RAMP) ; Filtered Resistance test (FR), Voltage measurement (V); Current measurement (nA).

Additional information




Auto Power Off

Insulation Test Voltage

1000V, 250V, 500V, 10kV, 2500V, 5000V

Insulation Resistance Range

0.50MΩ to 5.00TΩ

Short-circuit Current


Power Source

Battery Operated

Battery Type

Rechargeable, Lithium

Battery Savers

Automatic Shutdown After 15 mins of Non-operation

Polarization Index Test


Dielectric Absorption Ratio


Ramp Test Mode


Filtered Resistance Test


Data Logging


Voltage Monitor Function

Automatically monitor live voltage of test object

Test Timer Function

Automatically record test time

Automatic Discharge

Automatically discharge after tests

AC Voltage Range

DC Voltage Range




USB Interface




Close the case IP65, Open the case IP40

  • Max Output Voltage 10KV
  • Max Test Resistance 5T Ω
  • Max Short Circuit Current 5mA
  • Polarisation Index Test (PI)
  • Dielectric Absorption Ratio Test (DAR)
  • Ramp Test Mode (RAMP)
  • Filtered Resistance Test Mode (FR)
  • True Color Touch Screen: A combination of colour touchscreen, button and wave band knob makes the functioning perfect and can be directly tested with one button. Checking the inquiry records is simple and convenient.
  • Rich display which displays multiple values and readings on the same screen: various test modes, insulation resistance value, output voltage, voltage of the test object, current, test time, test timing, battery power, operation help, etc.
  • Double shell structure, firm and durable with protection level IP65
  • Large Capacity Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • USB Data Upload Function
  • Voltage monitor function – automatically monitor live voltage of the test object.
  • Test timer function – automatically record test time.
  • Automatic discharge function – after the test automatically releases the charge of the test object.
  • Store function – automatically stores 1000 groups of real-time test data with test date, time and timing.
  • Upload function – the recorded data can be uploaded to the computer using USB communication cable for data and statistical analysis.


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