DIT-930F 15kV Digital Insulation Resistance Meter (Megohmmeter)


Megohmmeter/ high-voltage insulation resistance tester, used for insulation resistance tests upto 15KV and 0.01MΩ ~ 50TΩ.

Functions: Insulation resistance test, voltage test, current test, capacitance test.



The Metravi DIT-930F Digital Insulation Resistance Tester, also known as a Megohmmeter, is a high-voltage insulation resistance tester, used for insulation resistance tests.

This instrument has a large LCD screen with backlit display, data storage, data review, alarm, automatic discharge, charging, automatic shutdown and other functions. It also has the function of measuring absorption ratio and polarisation index of AC voltage and DC voltage.

The machine is beautiful and upscale, has a wide range, high resolution, convenient operation, easy to carry, accurate, reliable, stable performance, large output power, strong anti- interference ability.It also features a shockproof, dust proof and moisture-proof structure, and adapts to the harsh working environments.

It is a commonly used and indispensable instrument for Telecommunications, Electricity, Weather, Computer Rooms, Oil Fields, Electronic Mechanical Installations and Maintenance, and in Industrial Enterprises that use electricity as industrial power or energy.

It is suitable for measuring the resistance value of various insulating materials and the insulation resistance of transformers, motors, cables and electrical equipment.

Additional information




  • Rated Applied Voltage: 500; 1000; 2500; 5000; 10KV; 15KV
  • Resistance Limit Range: 0.01MΩ ~ 50TΩ
  • Resolution: 0.01MΩ
  • Accuracy: ±3%rdg ±5dgt
  • Output Short-circuit Current: ≥6mA
  • Functions: Insulation resistance test, voltage test, current test, capacitance test
  • Basic Conditions: 23°C ±5°C, below 75%RH
  • Rated Voltage(V): 500V; 1000V; 2500V; 5000V; 10KV; 15KV
  • Insulation Resistance Range(GΩ): 0.01MΩ ~ 50TΩ, Accuracy : ±3%rdg±5dgt, Resolution : 0.01MΩ
  • DC Voltage Range: 0.1 ~ 1000V, Accuracy : ±1.5%rdg±3dgt, Resolution : 0.1V
  • AC Voltage Range: 0.1 ~ 750V, Accuracy : ±1.5%rdg±3dgt, Resolution : 0.1V
  • DC Current Measurement: 0.01nA ~ 6mA, Accuracy : ±5.0%rdg±5dgt, Resolution : 0.01nA
  • Capacitance Test: 10nF ~ 50uF, Accuracy : ±10%rdg±5dgt, Resolution : 10nF
  • Absorption Ratio and Polarisation Index Measurement
  • 12V Rechargeable Battery
  • 4-bit large LCD display, grey screen backlight
  • With USB interface, software monitoring, storage data
  • Low Battery Signal
  • Alarm Function
  • Automatic Shutdown
  • Certified IEC61010-1, IEC1010-2-31, IEC61557-1,5, IEC60529(IP54) pollution grade 2, CAT III 300V


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