CTG-01 Coating Thickness Gauge

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Measures coating thickness upto 1250um on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials with two measuring modes. User-calibratable.



The Metravi CTG-01 Coating Thickness Gauge works both on the magnetic induction principle and on the eddy current principle, depending on the type of probe used. You can select the type of probe via MENU system, or it will work automatically. The gauges confirm to the following industrial standards: GB/T 4956 -1985, GB/T 4957 – 1985, JB/T 8393 – 1996, JJG 889-95, JJG 818-93.

This compact and handy gauge is designed for non-destructive, fast and precise coating thickness measurement. The principal applications lie in the field of corrosion protection.
It is ideal for manufacturers and their customers, for offices and specialist advisers, for paint shops and electroplaters, for the chemical, automobile, ship-building and aircraft industries and for light and heavy engineering. The CTG-01 gauge is also suitable for laboratory, workshop and outdoor use. The probe can work on both principles, magnetic induction and on the eddy current principle. The same probe works for coating measurement both on ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrates. It is adaptable to specific tasks: ie. it can be used on special geometries or on materials with special properties.

Description of the Gauge

For measurement on steel substrates, the gauge works on the Magnetic Induction principle, and for measurement on non-ferrous metal substrates, it works on the Eddy Current principle. Measurement values and user information are displayed on the LCD, The backlight ensures easy reading of screen data even in dark conditions.

Two different operating modes are available:

DIRECT mode is recommended for simple, quick, occasional measurements. It provides statistical analysis. Single values are not saved. The statistical analysis program can evaluate upto 80 readings. GROUP mode permits measurement and storage of readings in a free programmable memory. A maximum of 400 readings and 4 series of measurements can be analysed according to various statistical criteria.

Standard Accessories

Gauge with two 1.5V Batteries, Hard Carrying Case, Operating Manual, Steel and Aluminium substrates for calibration, USB Connecting Cable, Software CD for Windows


The Probe system is spring-mounted within the probe sleeve which ensures safe and stable positioning of the probe and constant contact pressure. A v-groove in the sleeve of the probes facilitates reliable readings for small cylindrical parts. The hemispherical tip of the probe is made of hard and durable material.

Calibration Videos for Metravi CTG-01 Coating Thickness Gauge

Metravi CTG-01 Coating Thickness Gauge Zero Point Calibration

Metravi CTG-01 Coating Thickness Gauge One Point Calibration

Metravi CTG-01 Coating Thickness Gauge Two Point Calibration

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Additional information






Low Battery Indication



Auto Power Off


Memory and Storage

320 readings


High and Low Alarm

Operational Modes

Direct mode, Group mode

Sensor Type

Ruby Sensor

Measuring Material

Ferrous Material, Non Ferrous Material

Measuring Range

Ferrous: 0 to 1250um / 0 to 49.21mils, Non Ferrous: 0 to 1250um / 0 to 49.21mils

Tolerance Range

Ferrous : ±3%+1um / ±3%+0.039mils, Non Ferrous: ±3%+1.5um /±3%+0.059mils


Ferrous: 0.1um / 0.001mils, Non Ferrous: 0.1um / 0.001mils

Minimum Curvature Radius

Ferrous: 1.5mm, Non-Ferrous: 3mm

Diameter of Minimum Area

Ferrous: 7mm, Non Ferrous: 5mm

Basic Critical Thickness

Ferrous: 0.5mm, Non Ferrous: 0.3mm

Power Source

Battery Operated

Battery Type


Battery Size


No of Batteries



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  • Measures coating Thickness on both Ferrous and Non Ferrous  materials with interface cable & S/W
  • The CTG-01 coating thickness gauges work either on the magnetic induction or on the eddy current principle, depending on the type of probe used.
  • You can select the type of probe via MENU system or it will work automatically.
  • Operating with MENU Easily.
  • Zero Calibrating Easily.
  • Low Battery , error indication.
  • USB Interface for PC analysis software.
  • Disable Auto Power Off function via MENU setting.
  • Measuring Ranges :-
  • Ferrous   :  0 ~ 1250um / 0 ~ 49.21mils
  • Non Ferrous  :  0 ~ 1250um / 0 ~ 49.21mils
  • Guaranteed Tolerance :-
  • Ferrous    :  ±3%  +1um / ±3% + 0.039 mils
  • Non Ferrous :  ±3%  +1.5um / ±3% + 0.059mils
  • Precision :-
  • Ferrous  :  0.1um / 0.001 mils
  • Non Ferrous :  0.1um / 0.001 mils
  • Minimum Curvature radius :-
  • Ferrous  :  1.5mm  /  Non-Ferrous  :  3mm
  • Diameter of Minimum Area :-
  • Ferrous   :   7 mm  / Non ferrous  :  5 mm
  • Basic critical thickness  :-
  • Ferrous  :  0.5mm  /  Non Ferrous  :  0.3mm


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