275HP1 Non-contact High Voltage Detector (Electroscope) up to 275kV

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High Voltage Detectors (Electroscope) for electrical testing on high voltage transmission lines upto 275kV, with audible buzzer and visual light alarms.

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The Metravi 275HP1 Non-contact High Voltage Detector (Electroscope) is specially designed and manufactured for electrical testing on high voltage transmission lines.

It is used for high voltage line inspection on field, identification of voltage level of high voltage systems, inspection of high voltage line faults, repairing neon lamp, induced voltage for high voltage sodium lamp inspections, inspection of residual high voltage or induced voltage and so on. It also proves to be necessary instrument for Railways and Power System Line maintenance. 

  • The device is a high voltage detector and has to be combined with a telescopic insulation rod (not included and optional at extra cost).
  • The detector adopts non-contact induction technology, which does not need contact to the charged body, ensuring safety for operators.
  • It features red LED, buzzer sound and light alarms, which are easy to identify.
  • 9 voltage gears cover various voltage levels and the device is suitable for various high voltage systems.
  • You can save costs as there is no need to purchase multiple sets of high voltage electroscope for varying and different voltage levels.
  • With IP65 protection, these can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • The Electroscope is to be used with adjustable connectors and insulation rods**, which enable reliable connection and makes operation convenient.

Operation is simple and safe. The instrument is reliable, time-saving, quick and provides a safe, practical and convenient new-type electric tool for electric inspectors.

Note: **Discharge Rod is optional and not part of device. It is available at extra cost.

Additional information





Power Source

Battery Operated

Battery Type

Zn-Mn dry

Battery Size



Audio Alarm, Visual Alarm

Low Battery Indication

Voltage Level

9 Gears

Electricity Testing Level

110V to 500KV

Self-Inspection Function


Dust & Water Proof

Voltage Detection


Insulation Test

With Insulation Rod

No of Batteries


Contact or Non-contact Type

Non-contact Type

  • Functions: For high voltage line inspections on field, identification of high voltage systems and voltage levels, inspections of high voltage line faults, repairs of neon lamps, high voltage sodium lamp inspections and induced voltage.
  • Voltage Detection Range: OFF-TEST-240V-3.3KV-6KV-11KV-22KV-33KV-66KV-132KV-275KV
  • 9 Gears
  • Testing Indications: Red double-flash LED indicator, “Bee-bee-bee” buzzing sound audible indicator
  • Self-Inspection Function
  • Battery Voltage Low Indication
  • Protection Level: IP65
  • Insulation Test
  • Discharge Rod is required to use the detector but it is optional and not part of device. It is available at extra cost.



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