AT500 Non-contact High Voltage Detector (Arm Type)

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A handy, wearable (arm-type), close-range non-contact high voltage detector, featuring sound & light alarms when an operator wearing it gets close to a high voltage charged body upto 500kV.



The Metravi AT500 high-voltage detector is a handy, wearable instrument, which reminds the electrical worker to pay attention to safety and avoid high voltage electric shock accidents.
When the operator is wearing the alarm and gets close to a high voltage charged body within a certain distance, sound and light alarms go off, according to the safety distance of the corresponding voltage level.

This instrument can also be used for line fault detection and electroscope. Works only for single-core cables. Will not work for shielded/armoured cables.

Metravi AT500 Non contact High Voltage Detector Armband type Battery Change and Basic Usage Video

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Additional information





Voltage Detection Range

1kV to 500kV

Frequency Range

Contact or Non-contact Type

Non-contact Type

Detection Mode

Automatic Trigger

Alarm Distance Error

±10cm (under base condition)


LED Light Alarm, Light and Buzzer indication

Dust & Water Proof

Power Source

Battery Operated

Battery Size


Battery Type

Button Cell

No of Batteries


  • Alarm Voltage Range: 1kV ~ 500KV (high voltage alarm)
  • Working Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Safe, practical, convenient
  • New style high voltage alarm device
  • Automatic voltage detection/trigger mode
  • Suitable for sites having overhead high voltage lines.
  • To be worn on the arm of the operator with the alarm symbol pointing towards the direction of the fingertips.
  • Non-contact induction technology
  • Battery* operated with standby time up to 12 months
  • All-directional induction voltage power source
  • Automatic trigger-detection mode with sound and light
  • Visual Alarm/Indicator : LED light (visibility under 8000LX visible light)
  • Audible Alarm/Buzzer : above 60dB (from 60cms distance)
  • IP54 Protection Level: Dust-proof and water-spray protection
  • Works only for single-core cables.
  • Will not work for shielded/armoured cables.


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