Why Preventive Maintenance is Important?

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Why is Preventive Maintenance Important

Why Preventive Maintenance is Important?

In managing an industry or a plant, one of the most important factors is the maintenance practice. Not only does it ensure the smooth working equipment and machines but also assists in avoiding the cost associated with its replacement.

Maintenance is further categorised into five primary categories:

Metravi Pro RMTi-1 Rotating Machine Tester with Thermal Imager
Using a Rotating Machine Tester for Preventive Maintenance

● Corrective
● Preventive
● Condition-based
● Predictive
● Predetermined

In this article, all focus will be on the discussion of “Preventive Maintenance“.

What is Preventive Management?

Preventive management refers to routine maintenance performed on equipment to keep it up and running, avoiding unnecessary downtime and costly expenditures associated with unexpected equipment breakdown. It necessitates meticulous planning and scheduling of equipment maintenance before a problem arises, and maintaining correct records of previous inspections and service reports.
Compared to other types of maintenance, implementation of preventive maintenance can be a bit of a complicated task.

So, in order to carry it out efficiently, most companies or industries prefer using preventive management software. Some of the popular preventive management software include:
● Agility
● Bigfoot CMMS
● Building Engines
● COAST system CMMS

Aspects of Preventive Management

Metravi vibration meters
Vibration Testing is integral to Preventive Maintenance

Preventive management involves the systematic aspects related to the inspection of machines and equipment being used in a plant or a factory. It ensures that potential problems are detected and corrected timely.
Following are some of the important aspects of preventive maintenance management:
● Cleaning
● Lubrication
● Oil changes
● Equipment adjustments
● Repairs
● Inspecting and replacing parts
● Regularly scheduled partial or complete overhauls

In compliance with the aspects mentioned above, Metravi ensures the provision of the most suitable instruments and tools for preventive management or maintenance operations for your industrial machinery.

Metravi offers products such as:

All these and a plethora of other useful equipment are available and are just the perfect choice for performing preventive maintenance on your industrial machinery.

Importance of Preventive Management

Metravi TI-50 Handheld Thermal Imager
Thermal Imagers prove essential in Preventive Maintenance for heavy equipment which are hard to reach

Preventive maintenance is of paramount importance as far as the management operations in an industry are concerned. Another terminology used for preventive management is proactive maintenance, which addresses industry issues and equipment care regularly to avoid significant breakdowns.

The following points justify the importance of preventive management:

  • Economical Advantage: Preventive Management keeps your equipment running smoothly, improves employee safety, and helps you prevent major and costly repairs down the line. It is better than to opt for reactive maintenance, as reactive maintenance will generally be 3 to 4 times costlier.
  • Reduced Downtime: Unintended downtime from reactive maintenance results in idle staff, a pause in production, and missed deadlines. The disturbance of operations is kept to a minimum using a preventative maintenance schedule.
  • Better Efficiency and Equipment Performance: Normal wear and tear causes equipment to fail. The machinery and equipment of the plant will stay in good operating condition if you use a preventative maintenance schedule. Preventive management also extends the equipment’s life cycle and improves the efficiency of your facility.
  • Increased Workers Safety: Employees’ safety is a vital responsibility, and regular preventative maintenance may enhance everyone’s safety and quality of life. Routine inspections discover potential dangers and prevent harmful working conditions, resulting in fewer workplace injuries and accidents.
  • Company’s Reputation: Customers will be satisfied with a trustworthy business that consistently meets deadlines and keeps its personnel safe, as having a good reputation is crucial.
  • Overall Risk Reduction: The significance of preventative maintenance is also evident from the possibility of the reduced likelihood of malfunctions. In reality, the majority of the advantages described here are essentially due to a reduced danger of breakdown.

Waiting until anything breaks down to do maintenance puts any company at risk of lost production and a soiled image.

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