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Vikram Bhansali MD Metravi Instruments - Interview in IPF September 2021 issue

How Metravi is helping the Indian manufacturing sector to raise the quality bar

Read more at: IPF INTERVIEW - SEPTEMBER 2021 ISSUE The government’s push to boost manufacturing in India accompanied by relative increase in exports is forcing companies to focus on production of quality products. This, in turn, is leading to rise in demand for instrumentation. With more than 50 years of experience in...
Growth of Contactless Technology during and post COVID-19 - non-contact instruments for human fever scanning

Contactless Technologies Will Be The Way Forward

In the months to come, yes, COVID-related products will dominate but not because of the pandemic spread but due to the use in medical facilities and in turn, we would be and should be able to maintain required stocks as well as sale for all related instruments.
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Smart Instruments For Smart Electricity, Metravi & CEM Instruments

With the growing trend towards smart cities and more environmentally conscious consumers, there is a clear growth in smart electricity, be it smart grids, more efficient production and transmission or automated monitoring and consumption systems. With this comes a need for efficient, precise and high accuracy instrumentation. We are in...