Metravi: Spurring a Solution-based Approach to Electrical Instrumentation

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Metravi: Spurring a Solution-based Approach to Electrical Instrumentation

Interview of Mr Vikram Bhansali, Director, Metravi Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

Q: Metravi has gained credible market share in the measurement technology industry, how did the company manage this significant growth?

Metravi offers a complete bouquet of hi-tech, reliable, quality instruments – your one stop shop for any test and measurement need. Innovation is our forte and we also combine instrumentation needs into product packages, so that Engineers can carry and use single instruments instead of multiple. Metravi is dedicated to offer feature-driven instrumentation of highest quality yet within reach of every strata of users and we stress on solutions rather than sales.

We have and do provide instrumentation solutions for applications as per the needs of the customers. Every industry is unique and so are their specifications and requirements. While customers are often unaware about which instrument or specification would serve their measurement needs best, the onus falls on subject matter on us, to educate the clients about the right and suitable instruments. We are very customer-oriented and we first enquire and understand the client’s usage, measurement or application requirement. Thereafter, we offer them relevant products.

We back our product offerings with fast deliveries, efficient repair times and quick and robust after-sales assistance for application as well as usage support, including training. We share product unpacking and usage videos along with offering on call explanations as well as hands-on / onsite training as add-on services.

Q: Can you brief us about Metravi’s activities & global presence?

We receive enquiries and export our products all over the world everyday. We have dealers in some of the countries, while we are looking to expand on our global dealer network.Our products are well-received and have been appreciated worldwide. Our digital and SEO activities and efforts ensure that we reach knowledge and information to the right customers, notwithstanding where in the world they may be.

Q: Which are your focus areas?

We have been working on the following issues as regards the Test & Measurement industry and we will continue towards our efforts for the same in the coming years:
• Majority of industries are ignorant as well as unsure about which instrument or specification would serve their measurement needs – we provide consultation, advice and customised solutions as per measurement or industry needs
• Most of the users still are oblivious that certain instruments are already available for their specific or customised needs – we make a continuous effort to educate and propagate our offerings and solutions
• Mostly users are uninformed that such high-quality and reliable, innovative instruments are available at such realistic pricing; since they have only been used to American brands selling at three times our prices. We create awareness of the fact that quality and reliability does not always come at a price.

Q: What are the market opportunities for Metravi products in India? How are your products positioned?

With the great push to Infrastructure and industry, there are endless possibilities and opportunities open for all in manufacturing and engineering segments.
Consumers are becoming aware and conscious of the fact that quality is more valuable than price when it comes to T&M instruments. India being a very price sensitive market, the trends and purchase habits used to be always focused on the price while quality, longevity and accuracy always took a back seat.
However, this is now changing. The consumers are becoming more and more aware of the fact that they might be saving pennies while buying cheap T&M instruments but in the long run they are losing out on pounds, as these cheap instruments are unable to deliver on accuracy or quality, which is direly required.

This trend is finally a win-win for both the consumers as well as the T&M industry, as the customers are getting better quality and accuracy and the industry is able to move beyond the rat race of being able to manufacture and supply the cheapest possible instrument. Rather the focus now is on quality and accuracy.

Q: What is your growth strategy?

Our strategy has always been and will continue to be to educate our customers and make them aware of their instrumentation needs as well as analyse, propose and implement the most suitable instrumentation needs.
A solution-based approach backed by a customer-centric attitude has always worked for us, providing a win-win situation for both the customer and us.

Q: What is the role of R&D in making your products successful in the market?

We put in a lot of effort when meeting and interacting with various industries. Our Voice of Customer efforts ensure that we “listen”and observe the needs of our customers, understanding their applications and instrumentation requirements, so that we can provide the right solutions.
Our team as well as our dealers, when visiting factories and sites, keep eyes and ears out for issues and problems being faced by our customers, related to instrumentation, testing and measurements.

We have already provided customised solutions to Indian Railways and R&D is on for their other needs. Other industries and segments have also approached us for their needs and we have multiple product testings going on for and in various industries.

Research and development is a key activity for us and the reason why our instruments are so well-accepted is that we mould them to Indian and Industry needs as well as environments.

Q: Please tell us something about your quality regimen.

  • The quality of all our products and instruments is ensured by our stringent internal
  • quality control system.
  • This is achieved by:
  • Selection and use of high quality raw materials by our factories
  • Inspection of all incoming materials at the office
  • Proper design to comply with all applicable standards
  • Good engineering practices for optimal product designing
  • Stringent production control at all factories and manufacturing facilities
  • Final QC check before shipping every order

Q: What is your range of manufacturing and which are your key products?

We have an industrial/professional series under the Metravi brand – the METRAVI PRO range – fully protected, all water and dust proof, to be used in the most rugged environments. Some of the products are even intrinsically safe and the range includes products with OLED displays, unheard of in instrumentation as of yet. Products under this range carry a 48 hours replacement warranty against any manufacturing defects.

The range includes Multimeters, Clamp Meters, Infrared Thermometers and more with highest accuracies, innovative and high value features and specifications; all while keeping the pricing realistic.

Q: Please highlight Global perspective of testing & measurement technology industry.

In India, we hardly have any exposure to International Markets, like China, where consequently, manufacturing volumes are high and cost efficiency can be taken advantage of to keep pricing in control.
We have very good potential for designing high-precision and reliable instruments in India, but due to insufficient demand volume, we would not be able to manage cost-effectiveness. Currently, since requirements are low, raw materials are priced very high as compared to East and South-East Asian countries.

Also, good Electronics Engineers are very hard to come by indigenously. Most of the Engineering Colleges have up to 50% vacant seats for Electronics. The country needs to majorly look into the development of the Electronics field and industry.

For the T&M Industry overall, standards need to be derived and defined substantially. We hardly have anything available. Like the CE standard & certification available for the EU, we should have one standard for all basic electronics.
Top priority of the T&M Industry in India, along with the Government, should be to set up forums and address the standardisation issue and need, along with maintenance of the same, so that we are able to educate, empower and expand usage of hi-tech, latest and standardised equipment of the highest standards.

Once the above is taken care of, expansion and growth of the T&M industry will go hand-in-hand with the growth of industry globally.

Q: What are the emerging technological trends that in T & M industry?

With the thrust to manufacturing and infrastructure as well as the growing trend towards smart cities and more environmentally conscious consumers, there is a clear growth in all industries and consequently the need for smart electricity, smart grids, more efficient production and transmission or automated monitoring and consumption systems.
With this comes a need for efficient, precise and high accuracy instrumentation. We are in a prime position to be able to fulfil these needs with our smart and high-precision, reliable instruments. So, we see growing and sustainable opportunities for both smart electricity and our smart instruments for such smart systems.

With Industry 4.0, human involvement is on the decrease and computers make decisions as they are connected and can communicate with each other. A combination of Internet of Things, Internet of Systems and Industry 4.0 is making and will make the Smart Factory a reality. Consequently, the support from smart machines will be on the increase as they get access to more data and will result in a jump in efficiencies & productivities. Ultimately, the network of these smart machines will create and share the information that results in the true power of Industry 4.0.

Instrumentation in this scenario becomes highly useful and important with the likes of smart instruments, which need to connect to computers and smartphones for instant data, reports and analytics. High quality instruments are the day’s need, to work at higher frequencies with ability to collect, collate and analyse big volumes of data.

Q: How do you envisage the future of the T & M Industry?

We see endless possibilities. As mentioned above, the current government has ensured heavy push to infrastructure, manufacturing, industry and technology, which in turn is driving industry in all segments. Instrumentation is and will remain a top priority need in this as well as future scenario.

Technological advances in all sectors, the need to manufacture seamlessly and efficiently, the shift to sustainable manufacturing, remote monitoring, predictive preventive maintenance practices and the shift to IoT and smart factories, all these and more are creating and driving the demand and need for efficient, precise and high accuracy instrumentation. Hence, I see growing and sustainable opportunities overall.

According to a comprehensive research report by Market Research Future (MRFR), “Global Test and Measurement Equipment Market information by Product, by Wireless Test Equipment, by Component and Region – forecast to 2027” market was valued USD 23320.4 million in 2018 and is expected to reach USD 30400.8 million by 2025 at a compound annual growth rate of 4.85%.

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