What is an Auto-ranging Multimeter?

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What is an auto-ranging multimeter?

What is an Auto-ranging Multimeter?

Auto-ranging multimeters have a great advantage for users, as they save the struggle or hassle of having to know the ideal or correct range for measuring whichever electrical value one needs to measure, be it voltage, capacitance, resistance or current, etc. An auto-ranging multimeter checks and finds the correct range for you – it will automatically detect what you try to measure and show you the correct value!

On a manual range multimeter, there are preset ranges and one has to know which range of the value you need to measure falls under and adjust the knobs and dials accordingly. Hence, an auto-ranging multimeter is ideal for students, hobbyists, ground level electricians and amateurs, etc., and offer ease of use and convenience.

Auto-ranging multimeters might cost a bit more than their manual range counterparts, due to the extra chip and programming they need, in order to offer the additional capabilities.

Advantages of Auto-ranging multimeters:

  • These help save time.
  • They automatically detect the electrical characteristics.
  • They can automatically find the correct range of the detected electrical value.
  • These make life easier for beginners, amateurs and hobbyists and save them stress of having to learn and become proficient in understanding electrical systems.
  • These offer quick measurements when dealing with huge projects.

Having both auto-ranging and manual presets on the same device makes life easy for any user, helping him or her take fast measurements when needed as well as offer the option to manually select and measure when they need to.

Metravi offers a wide-range of quality multimeters and a lot of them are auto-ranging as well as have preset ranges, which are selectable.

The Metravi XB-33A deserves a special mention. This auto-ranging digital multimeter can measure AC TRMS Voltage and Current, DC Current / Voltage, Frequency, Resistance, Capacitance & Temperature. It also has Diode and Continuity Test and Non-contact Voltage Detection, along with overload protection to against incorrect connections. 

In case one doesn’t know whether two points are short, or have voltage or linear resistance, no need to worry. Just connect the Metravi XB-33A and the instrument will detect automatically!

The Metravi XB-33A Auto-Ranging Multimeter automatically detecting Resistance range

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