DC Clamp Meter for Solar Installations and PV Systems

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Best DC Clamp Meter for Solar and Photovoltaic, Metravi Solar-2, Metravi 107F

DC Clamp Meter for Solar Installations and PV Systems

Solar professional and technicians use DC Clamp Meters with photovoltaic measurement capabilities during installation, monitoring and maintenance of Solar PV Systems, as well as for standard AC or DC electrical equipment testing. These clamp meters are excellent for fault-finding and are designed to be used for electrical equipment and systems, including solar PV installations; wherever there is a need to measure Current, Voltage, Resistance and Frequency.

Metravi PRO Solar-3 Digital TRMS ACDC Clamp Meter is best for Solar Power System professionals with 1500VDC

Metravi Solar-3 TRMS AC/DC Clamp Meter with Flexible Clamp, Bluetooth, Trend Capture for Photovoltaic and Solar Power Systems

The Metravi PRO Solar-3 is a professional T-RMS Industrial Clamp Meter with TFT Colour Display, featuring fast A/D Converter and high accuracy for measuring upto 1500VDC safely with the high quality test leads. It also measures upto 1000A AC/DC and can extend upto 3000A using the Flexible Clamp which comes along in the product kit.

Metravi PRO Solar-3 Digital TRMS ACDC Clamp Meter product kit with flexible clamp, rechargeable battery, K Type thermocouple, test leads, in a hard carrying case.

Safety is ensured by over-voltage protection with CATII 1500V, CATIII 1000V, CATIV 600V, along with double-moulded plastic housing and IP65 waterproof certification

It features DC Current, AC, AC+DC TRMS Current, DC Voltage and AC, AC+DC TRMS Voltage measurements, along with Resistance and Continuity Test, Diode Test, Capacitance, Frequency, Duty Cycle, Temperature with K-type Probe, Inrush Current Measurement, LoZ Voltage measurement, Low Pass filter for VFD Measurement, Data Hold / Relative measurement, Trend Capture, Non-contact Voltage Detection (NCV) and Data Logger with Date and Time stamp. With an in-built Flashlight to access darker areas, it comes with a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth.

The Pro Solar-3 comes with a full kit in a hard carrying case which makes it easy to carry on the field securely and is ideal for finding and solving problems in production equipment with its Trend Capture function. The Bluetooth data transfer function can share data for analysis reports using the free App on your Smartphone.

Measures upto 1500V DC measurement, and hence, is most suitable for Solar and Photovoltaic Applications. In-rush current, VFD and LoZ measurement functions make it a must for all Motor Applications too. 

Measuring Photovoltaic Voltage with Metravi Solar

Metravi Solar-2 TRMS AC/DC Clamp Meter with Photovoltaic measurements

Metravi Solar-2 TRMS AC/DC Clamp Meter can measure up to 2000 VDC and 1500 VAC Photovoltaic, using photovoltaic high-voltage (PVHV) test leads. It can also measure AC/DC Current up to 1500A and even offers T-RMS readings for the AC Ranges, hence assuring higher accuracy.

The Solar-2 comes with high-quality 4 mm test leads as well a set of PVHV leads. The PVHV leads enable the solar technicians to create a fast and appropriate termination and test by attaching directly to the solar array connectors and junction box, where all the panels are spliced.
The Clamp Meter comes with a clear, bright, backlit, LED display and also a flash light built into the clamp jaw, which helps when working in poorly lit conditions.

Designed with a tactile barrier below the jaw to ensure safe working distance while measuring live current on uninsulated conductors.

A smart data hold expands on the clamp’s hold function with an audible alarm if the reading on hold increases by 50 counts or more. The MIN/MAX feature automatically stores the lowest and highest readings taken.

High-frequency rejection filter, Inrush current measurements, non-contact detection mode (VoltSeek™), data logging and manual AC Amp zeroing make the Solar-2 a feature-rich tool for all.
Bluetooth capability and the free App enable measurement values obtained by the clamp to be remotely monitored on a smartphone or device, along with live trend graphs and sample and log values, which can be stored for analysis at a later time.
The Solar-2 comes with overload protection and safety certifications: EN 61010-1, EN 61010-2-032, EN 61010-2-033 for CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V and EN 61326-1.

The Metravi Solar-2 AC/DC Clamp Meter can also be used for varied applications like the following, when using the DC Current features:

  • Domestic power generation from solar panels and wind turbines
  • Charging and loading circuits
  • Lift Maintenance
  • Battery monitoring
  • Automotive
  • Electric Vehicle servicing
  • UPS commissioning
  • Electroplating plants
  • Welding equipment servicing
  • General serving and maintenance
Using the Metravi Solar-2 TRMS AC/DC Clamp Meter with the PV HD Test Leads

Clamp-on Power Meters for Solar PV Systems

Periodic testing and inspection are necessary for PV systems to ensure efficient operations, since they have long lifetimes and serve for over 25 years. On the other hand, most inverters have shorter lifetimes than of the PV system itself and hence require special attention as a part of regular system maintenance activities. This ensures optimised return on investment on the system in way of efficiency and power output.

Inverters need to be checked regularly for correct functioning along with general maintenance and troubleshooting, post commissioning a PV system. If a PV system is unable to generate the expected power levels under given irradiance and temperature conditions, it could indicate a fault with one or more components. A presence of harmonics on the AC output of an inverter can suggest a fault in the inverter itself.

Metravi 107F Digital Clamp On Power Meter for Solar

Metravi 107F Digital Clamp On Power Meter

The Metravi 107F helps with all the above-mentioned checks. It provides for harmonic analysis along with power and efficiency measurements, which can be used to detecting faults within the inverter.

Using the 107F Clamp-on Power Meter, one can simply measure the power generated directly on both sides of the inverter in just a few seconds – the current can be measured directly by simply clamping it over the conductor cables. The supplied inline connectors are to be used to measure the DC Voltage while the PV modules are connected to the inverter, ensuring accurate and True RMS readings for power even while the PV system is operational. The 3000A flexi-clamp expands the current range, provides increased flexibility, while making the electrical measurement easier and safer.

It is imperative to check the efficiency of the conversion of the DC power (generated by the PV modules) to AC power, which is in turn fed to the electrical installations or systems. By measuring both voltage and current on the AC and DC sides of the inverter, the measured values can be used to calculate the power being generated (AC & DC).

The Smart Clamp-on Power Meter

The Metravi 107F is a smart clamp-on power meter with Auto Sense™ (automatic selection) features. It detects AC, DC and AC+DC of Ampere and Voltage function with AC+DC True RMS. Selection of Resistance, Continuity or Diode is also automatic, depending on the measurement activity and environment.

Metravi 107F Digital Clamp On Power Meter for solar pv systems

An innovatively designed Navigator Button/Key optimises the auto-selection function and assists feature operations with just a fingertip or thumb.
The active backlit display turns ON with just a touch of the button or by rotating the knob and automatically switches off when not in-use, to save battery life. The in-built torch lights during cable clamping and there is automatic non-contact voltage detection to ensure safety in any working condition.

The 107F has the option for a 3000A Flexi-clamp (optional). It comes with high quality test leads, a K-type thermocouple probe, battery and operating manual.

The advanced power features, phase rotation, total Harmonics, Harmonics 1 to 25th with an easy-to-use interface, topped with safety standards for CAT IV 600V CATIII 1000V, enables fully professional power measurement application with excellent performance.

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