RPS-3005-3 DC Regulated Power Supply

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DC Regulated Power Supply with Triple Output and Backlit LCD Display, Dual 0 – 30V / 0 – 5A DC and Fixed 5V/3A.




DC Regulated Power Supply with Triple Output and Backlit LCD Display, Dual 0 – 30V / 0 – 5A DC and Fixed 5V/3A.

Three way have high accuracy output of which two way are adjustable and one way is fixed. The two adjustable outputs can be selected for constant voltage C V or constant current C C ,designed in high stability and performance circuit In constant voltage operation mode the output voltage can be arbitrarily adjusted from 0V on in the nominal range In constant current operation mode the output current can be adjusted from 0A on in the nominal range.
The two outputs can be connected in parallel or in series while the master adjust controls the voltage and current setting The fixed output voltage is 5V. This output features good stability and low ripple along with overload e g short circuit protection. The unit features small size and excellent performance combined with an elegant design being ideal for research university industry and appliance maintenance laboratories.

Widely used in production line test, electrical maintenance, ageing products, battery charging, laboratories, scientific research and teaching and many other areas.

The Metravi RPS-3005-3 features 2 and 3 variable outputs, respectively, and one fixed output. The variable outputs are capable of delivering output from 0-30V and 0-5A individually or 0-60V and 0-5A in series and 0-30V and 0-10A in parallel mode.

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No of Channel


SMT Technology

SMT Technology

LED Indication

Indicates the presence of current, Indicates the presence of voltage

Operational Modes

Constant Current Mode, Constant Voltage Mode

Input Voltage

220V / 110V

Variable Output Current

2 x 0 to 5A

Variable Output Voltage

2 x 0 to 30V

Fixed Output

5V / 3A

Line Regulation Rate

CC ≤0.05% + 5mA, CV ≤0.02% + 2mV

Load Regulation Rate

CC ≤0.05% + 5mA, CV ≤0.02% + 2mV

Ripple and Noise

CC ≤2mA, CV ≤0.5mV



Cooling Fan

Built-in thermo-sensor-activated cooling fan

Keyboard Lock Function

Keyboard lock function to prevent operator errors

Button Lock Function

Button Lock

  • Dual Channel Variable output
  • Single Channel Fixed output
  • Dual Red LED Display
  • Voltage and Current displayed together
  • Multi-turn variable device to provide high precision voltage setting.
  • Continuous working under full load condition
  • Constant Current and Constant Voltage Protection
  • Short Circuit protection
  • Input : 220V ±10% 50~60Hz
  • Variable Output Voltage : 2 x 0 – 30V DC
  • Variable Output Current : 2 x 0 – 5A
  • Fixed Output: 5V / 3A


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