CFL-01 Cable Fault Locator with Pipe and Cable Tracer

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Digital Cable Locator and Combined with Cable Fault locator.

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Digital Cable Locator and Combined with Cable Fault locator.

Metravi CFL-01 Cable Fault Locator

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Auto Power Off


Frequency Range

Voltage Detection

max 400V DC/AC

Power Source

Battery Operated

Battery Size


Battery Type


Transmitter Output Signal


Voltage Detection Range

12V to 400V

Transmitter Power Supply

Battery Operated, 9V

Power Consumption

For Receiver: 40mA, For Transmitter: 18mA

Receiver Tracing Depth

Depends on medium and application

Cable Locator Mode

0.5m for double pole application, 2m for single pole application

Receiver Power Supply

Battery Type, 9V



  • Consists of a transmitter and a receiver
  • Used to detect or trace conductors and to find short faults in them.
  • The signal generated by the transmitter is made to a modulated current, generating an electromagnetic field around a conductor. This electro magnetic field induces a voltage within the receiving coil. The induced voltage is amplified, decoded and converted to the original signal by the received and finally displayed on screen.
  • It is used for finding conductors in walls, conductor interruptions, short-circuits in conductors
  • Conductor tracing in the soil
  • Detecting fuses and assigning current circuits
  • Tracing sockets and distribution sockets having accidentally been covered by plastering
  • Detecting interruptions and short-circuits in floor heating
  • Tracing metallic water and heating piping
  • All application areas (both,voltage-free and live) are performed without usin any additional instruments
  • Transmitter display indicates the transmission level,the transmission code, as well as the foreign voltage
  • Receiver display indicates the reception level,the transmission code,as well as the mains voltage detection
  • Automatic and manual sensitivity adjustment
  • Acoustic reception signal may be switched off
  • Auto-Power-Off function
  • Backlight
  • Additional lighting function when working under bad lighting conditions
  • Additional transmitters are available to extend or distinguish several signals


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