PRPS-3005 Programmable DC Regulated Power Supply

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Programmable DC Regulated Power Supply with Single Output and Backlit LCD Display of Variable 0 – 30V / 0– 5A DC




The PRPS-3005 is a highly accurate, DC-regulated power supply with an adjustable output.

This output can be used for constant voltage (C.V.) and constant current (C.C.). The output voltage can be adjusted between 0V and 30V when the device is in the constant voltage mode. The current-limiting point can be set arbitrarily in this mode. The output current can be adjusted continuously between 0A and 5A in the constant current mode. The output current and voltage are indicated on the LED displays.

The Metravi PRPS-3005 Bench-top Programmable Remote-controlled (USB and LAN) DC Power Supply has great protection capability and can protect a user’s device from getting burnt/damaged.

It is designed for industrial, laboratory and other engineering solutions and includes free software for Windows (including Windows 10). It is designed to power radio technical equipment with stabilised voltage and current for repair processes and  laboratory research. It is the perfect instrument for repair services and for use in scientific and research laboratories.

The Metravi PRPS series differ from other similar devices as we provide wide capabilities of local and remote control through the software and they are capable of operating in several modes:

  • Manual control mode. Including the use of 4 memory cells to store preset voltage and current.
  • Control mode with the built-in memory use.
  • Remote control mode using computer via USB interface which has full galvanic isolation between the power supply and the computer.


Additional information







Input Voltage


Output Voltage

Output Current

0 to 5A

Memory and Storage

3 programmable memories



Setting Resolution

10mV, 1mA

Setting Accuracy

≤0.5%+10mA, ≤0.5%+20mV

Ripple and Noise

≤2mV(rms), ≤3mA rms

Readback Accuracy

10mV, 1mA

Reaction Time

Voltage Drop: ≤100ms, Voltage Rise: ≤100ms

Load Regulation Rate

CC ≤0.1% + 10mA, CV ≤0.01% + 2mV

Temperature Coefficient

≤100 ppm + 10mV, ≤100 ppm + 5mA

No of Output

Single Output

  • Input Voltage 220V/50Hz
  • Output Voltage 0-30V DC
  • Output Current 0-5A DC
  • Dual LED display for Voltage and Current
  • Coarse and fine adjustments of Voltage and Current
  • Protection mode: current limiting
  • Output connectors: insulated safety plugs
  • Organic glass front panel / other panels made of steel
  • Memory: 3 programmable memories
  • Computer connectivity: PC remote control via USB interface
  • Software included


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