DSO-5025E Dual Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope

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25MHz DSO, 250MSa/Sec, with colored display, USB PC Interface cable and software.

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25MHz DSO, 250MSa/Sec, with the colored display, USB PC Interface cable, and software.

Metravi DSO-5025E Digital Storage Oscilloscope Dual Channel

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  • Double Analog Channels High-resolution colorful LCD display with resolution of 400 X 240 (or 800 X 480)
  • To support plug and play USB storage instrument to communicate with computer.
  • Automatic waveform and status setup. Waveform, setup, bitmap storage, waveform and setup reoccurrence.
  • Elaborate view window extension function for delicate analysis of waveform details and profile
  • Automatic measurement of 28 kinds of waveform parameters
  • Automatic cursor tracing and measurement function
  • Unique waveform recording and playback functions
  • Embedded FFT
  • Multiple mathematical calculation functions (including +, -, X, รท ) for waveform
  • Edge, video, pulse width and ALT Trigger functions
  • Multi-language menu display
  • Bandwidth 25MHz
  • Sampling Rage: 250MSA/Sec.
  • Storage Depth: 25k
  • Record Length: Sampling Point of 2 x 521k
  • Vertical Deflection: 1mV/div~5V/div


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