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Post purchase and delivery, please register your Metravi product at Post receiving and checking your application, we will issue your Warranty Certificate.

Please ensure (before submitting the form) that you upload images of the product with the serial no showing as well as your purchase invoice.

Please register your product at You can contact us on or Whatsapp us your issue along with relevant images and a video (showing the issue) on 9073384641, along with your purchase details (date of purchase, seller and invoice details). Warranty is offered on all Metravi products for a year (from date of purchase) against manufacturing defects only. Our warranty policy can be checked here. Paid service, in case of void or invalid warranty is available even post-warranty period. Warranty is only against manufacturing defects. For user and other issues, paid service support is available.
Each Metravi product comes with the Manufacturer's Test Certificate. For a third party certificate, please let us know AT THE TIME OF PLACING THE ORDER. Third party calibration can be arranged from NABL certified or other labs, as per requirement, but are chargeable extra, over and above the product price. Please contact us for further assistance for the same.
Metravi central service centre is located in Kolkata. All products are to be sent to our Kolkata office for any service or repairs. We offer paid service post-warranty for all our products.
Please navigate to the respective product page, go to the Reviews tab and you can fill in a review after logging in to your Metravi account. In case of any assistance required, please contact us.
Metravi products carry a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty is in effect from the date of invoicing and despatch. Please read the operating manual carefully for instructions to power on and use the product. In case your product does not work as required to or does not switch on, you need to inform us of the same immediately. Please share images and a video on our Customer Care Whatsapp Number 9073384641. We will assist you with the same. In case the online assistance does not help, the product/part has to be returned back to us for investigation and consequent replacement/repair. Transformers, Chargers, Batteries and Adaptors are not included under any warranty. You can read our full Warranty Document here.