Payment Related

Please contact us on 9073384641 for any payment related issues. We will be happy to assist you with the payment processing for your order.
When you process an online payment through a payment gateway, sometimes you might face issues due to poor or drop in networks, server issues or other technical reasons. In case your payment shows as failed, please check if your card or bank has been charged. In case of no charge, try making the payment again. In case of a charged transaction at your end, please contact us as well as your bank and check regarding the same. Once we confirm that we have not received the money, you should get a refund from the bank directly within 4-8 hours. In any case, please feel free to contact Customer Care on 9073384641 for any payment related issues.

If you have a Coupon Code available, you will need to apply it on your Cart, BEFORE you proceed to the Checkout.

Once you apply the coupon code the required discounts, if any, will be applied to your total order amount and you will be able to Checkout for the nett amount payable.

Please contact us for paying using an International Credit Card. We have a PayPal account and will facilitate as and when required.
We are sorry, we accept only prepaid orders currently. There are various ways you can pay for your purchase, including Credit Card, Debit Card, NEFT/RTGS/IMPS and Wallets, via fully secure payment gateways. All online transactions on our website are 100% secure.
All invoices for our products are GST invoices. In case you are a GST registered individual or company and require the GST invoice for claiming GST ITC (GST Input Tax Credit), then you need to FILL UP your company name, registered billing address and GSTIN, without fail, BEFORE placing your order and paying for the same. Once the Invoice is issued against the order, we are unable to change any details, including GST requirements for the same.
Yes. GST is applicable and chargeable @18% on all our products. The pricing shown on our products is inclusive of the GST and the breakup would be available when you checkout. All orders invoiced would carry the break up and the details of the GST charged. GSTIN Invoice would be shared with your package. In case business GSTIN is provided with your address at the time of checkout, you may claim Input Tax for the purchase.

The given rates include any applicable shipping charges and 18% GST for all our products. There will be no charge over and above the given amount.