What can an infrared thermometer measure temperature for?

Infrared Thermometers are used to measure temperature of moving objects and objects that cannot be approached. The instrument measures the temperature of the object. We however, have more options like the following:

  • You can set the upper and lower limits of temperatures and see randomly if the temperature being measured exceeds the limits set.
  • The temperature can be recorded with respect to time.
  • You can capture the picture of the product with the temperature measured, written over them along with the time and date mentioned on it, to collect evidence.
  • A video can be recorded while monitoring temperature of the object over time.
  • You can transfer the temperature being measured to the PC and document it for future use.
  • The meters also have option to be used as a contact type temperature-measuring meter using a K type thermocouple.
  • You can record the maximum and minimum temperature that has been measured.
  • The emissivity can be adjusted to measure temperature of almost all types of materials.