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Leading change is a high in itself; especially a change that makes a significant contribution to the industry.” energetically expounds Mr Vikram Bhansali, Managing Director, Metravi Instruments, and the change agent of the Indian instrumentation industry.

METRAVI is one of the largest manufacturer & distributor of ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC TEST and MEASURING INSTRUMENTS in INDIA.

1970 onwards, we have been catering to the instrumentation needs of almost all major Government, Semi-Government, private & public sector industries, including Railways, Defence, Aviation, Telecom, Petroleum, Cement, Power Generation, Iron & Steel, Plywood, Automobile, Paper, Chemicals, Heavy Equipment, Automation, etc. Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Colleges & Educational Institutions also source our products. We are also now serving futuristic and upcoming industries like Solar & Renewable and Electric vehicles.
A list of our regular customers can be found at https://www.metravi.com/customers/.

Setting the trends for quality, reliability & innovation for test and measuring instruments, we have been showing the way to all, user and competitors alike, by identifying the huge void between technologically advanced equipment and the affordability & reliability that Indians are used to. Offering high quality, feature-driven instrumentation, which is within the reach of every strata of users, Metravi has come a long way and has been growing from strength to strength. Innovation is our forte and we strive to combine instrumentation needs into product packages, so that Engineers can carry and use single instruments instead of multiple.

Your application. Your needs. Our solution.
We always focus on providing optimal resolutions to instrumentation issues for all types of industry. Consultancy is available for volume orders and we are able to even offer customised solutions and instruments, if required.  Our team provides technical advice and expertise before new instruments are even specified. We help make sure you get the best solution for your requirements.

Backed by years of accumulated experience, quality and acumen, the METRAVI brand is an alliance of rich experience in the instruments field, exceptional expertise in instrument manufacturing and state of the art technology, resulting in the best next-generation instruments that your money can buy. The METRAVI range of instruments offer you highest accuracy, ruggedness and utmost reliability.

We offer a complete bouquet of hi-tech, reliable, quality instruments – your one stop shop for any test and measurement need. 

From users of day-to-day products to that of hi-tech professional ones, we provide instruments with state-of-the-art technology, highest accuracy and repeatability, having met and exceeded the toughest quality standards set by the industry as well as users, yet at cost-effective and realistic pricing. From simple Multimeters, Clamp Meters, Infrared Thermometers, Voltmeters, Ammeters, Insulation Testers to Calibrators, Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analysers, High Voltage Testing equipment, we have it all. We offer more than 500 products across 100+ categories.

We strive to deliver the quality & excellence promised when you invest in METRAVI products by providing:

  • Fast deliveries as almost all the instruments are available off-the-shelf
  • Efficient repair times & post-sales service
  • High-technology service centre facility, comprising of an experienced team of technicians equipped with high quality test equipment & tools
  • Quick & robust after-sales assistance for application & usage support, including training
  • Constant checks and tests prior to sale and delivery
  • Product unpacking and usage videos along with offering on call explanations as well as hands-on / onsite training
  • A one year warranty against manufacturing defects

We also undertake calibration jobs for acquiring calibration certificates. Our associates have their entire primary calibrating instruments traceable to National or International Standards, hence making it possible for us to issue certificates traceable to National or International Standards.

Metravi products and catalogues are available online on our website https://www.metravi.com. Online orders are accepted on our website as well as popular e-commerce portals. Directly, the products can be obtained from our Kolkata office or from our strong and dependable Dealer Network all over the country.

When you buy a METRAVI instrument, we assure you QUALITY & PROMPT SERVICE backed with EXPERIENCE & EXPERTISE!




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Metravi Instruments Quality Statement 3


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Metravi Instruments Quality Statement 3